Loved by God, we respond in love.

Welcome To North Lonsdale United Church

Thank you for showing interest in our faith community. We are a Christ-centered congregation in North Vancouver located at the corner of Lonsdale Avenue and Osborne Road. Our regular Worship gatherings are Sunday at 10:00 am. The morning gathering is multigenerational and involves a variety of worship styles. We offer people a sense of family as we worship God and grow on our journeys of faith together.

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Message from the Minister


Speak Love

Dear friends,

As we in British Columbia brave our way with caution as we step into new phases of the pandemic, we also feel the lament of the rest of the world—not just with the outbreaks of Covid-19, but with the deeper cry of systemic racism against people of colour.


This past November, as I led my first Maranatha Retreat with North Lonsdale, we discussed and brainstormed and prayed about 2020. The theme was 20/20 Vision: How to see the world differently through God’s eyes. We never dreamed what 2020 would actually hold for us.


For one, Sunday, February 2, 2020 was the last time many of you saw me. We thought it was a trial managing having your pastor in need of a minor surgery! All that being said, I am doing well and am thankful that I have received such good care and am recovering just fine.


What we never expected is the entire health of our world being at stake. I am so proud of you as a congregation for how you rallied to care for one another in the midst of such unprecedented times. We have all had to learn how to love and live and learn and care through isolation times and many of us have felt the effects of loneliness, depression, and anxiety. Please know that you are not alone, and draw near to God, as you are not forgotten!


As we mourn the recent deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor, and as I write even more are being named, we acknowledge that such crime is horrendous and painful beyond words. However, we must speak! And to speak, we must educate ourselves as people of faith, so that both individually and as a church, we can stand for justice and against racism.


As I anticipate coming back to work in July, I want to first and foremost catch up with you and learn how you are doing. As we look forward to the months ahead, in some capacity meeting in smaller groups, and in other capacities via Zoom, I want us to explore and read together books to help us grow and learn considering the current state of our world and the plight of the black community. Black Lives Matter. If we are not people of colour, we cannot fully grasp how their lives have been impacted by racism from too much of the white population for far too long. Let us be a people who learn together not only how to be a voice, but how to re-envision the church in the midst of this crisis (Galatians 3:28).


I look forward to coming back to you! You have long been on my heart and in my prayers. We will find new ways to gather, and we’ll be creative and thoughtful as we participate in a 2020 Vision far different than we’d ever imagined! God will work and move through us and in spite of us! Let us find ways to be the people God yearns for us to be, and to love one another well as we do.  As we know in our hearts and minds and souls that we are loved by God, we seek to share that love of Christ with all, and to extend the love of Christ to all people in all places and respond with all of the faith we can muster, in love.




Prayer for the week

Rest in God during the “storm” …

Lord, we ask you to open our hearts and minds to your Scripture today.


We thank you for peace, we thank you for your grace, we thank you for being our Oasis as we journey through life.  We are comforted to know that you are always with us – and that you know what lies ahead of us.


Lord, we can sometimes choose difficult paths on this journey.  Thank you for leading us back to Your green pastures – Your peace.


Lord You understand our hearts and minds – you are our compass, our true north.  Stay with us in these challenging times as you provide rest for our souls.  Give us insight and clarity as we reflect on what You have done for us on the cross, what You are doing for us today and what You will do to guide our lives and ease our troubles moving forward.  Help us to better understand how we can bless those around us – even (and especially) in these times.  Help us to own this insight.


Show us how we can be your instruments – not because we deserve it, but because You loved us first!


Show us how we can rest in your love.


Jesus, we ask this in your holy name … Amen

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Faith Walk has been cancelled until further notice due to COVID-19.

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Upcoming events

Worship From Home

Will be made available 9 July 2020. With the church building closed, interim measures have been adopted to facilitate our worship during these uncertain times.

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Bible Study: John Part 3 of 7

Notes: Will be made available 16 July 2020 These notes are made available for download and print. For archived sessions please visit our content page:

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Worship From Home

Will be made available 23 July 2020. With the church building closed, interim measures have been adopted to facilitate our worship during these uncertain times.

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