Rites of Passage

It is our privilege to offer our congregation to assist both one another and our wider community as they celebrate these significant Rites of Passage.


Preparation usually involves around five meetings with the Minister. These meetings typically address eleven key issues that typically influence us. These include ‘The Role of the Family of Origin’, ‘Communication’, ‘Conflict Resolution’, ‘Self-Esteem’ etc. Also included is the completion of the MBTI (a highly credible relationship counselling tool – see Teaching brochure) as well as a number of other resources.


A high point of any Christian Community’s life! The Sacrament is prepared for according to the needs of the folks requesting baptism. Typically 2-3 meetings are required before the big celebration. People are encouraged to explore both the meaning of Baptism as well as the reasons for requesting it. It is often a fabulous means of celebrating our faith.

Funerals (also called Celebrations of Life, Memorials)

We also have a prayer ministry team that prays with members of the congregation who may wish to receive prayer after the Sunday service. This is a wonderful way in which we can come to the Lord with our burdens and take on His light yoke. Each year we hold a 40-hour vigil commencing on Good Friday and ending early on Easter Sunday. This has become a special part of our spiritual journey at Easter.

Prayer is such an important part of our lives, individually and together as part of the body of Christ at NLUC. It is an integral part of our Sunday services, Sunday school, youth, Bible study, weekend retreats, home fellowship group meetings and all our ministries. May the Lord continue to draw us into deeper fellowship with Him.

We continue to pray for more prayer partners to join the prayer group, or to pray individually in response to the prayer requests.