Angel Tree

History of the Angel Tree

The Angel Tree has been put up for many years in our church’s main entrance as a way to share hope and comfort and give people a tangible way to remember loved ones at what can be an especially difficult time for many. Along with the tree was a book where names of loved ones could be written, and people sometimes made donations in honour of their loved ones. Many members of the community who attended Christmas services in the past also appreciated the tree and the chance to write in the book of remembrance. It was open to all.


This year so many things have had to change. Services are cancelled for the time being and there is no opportunity for members or community friends to even come into the church… in celebration or in grief. This year, as we are unable to gather, we have set up a simple angel tree of lights, visible through the Lonsdale street church window, to shine brightly in remembrance. We want to share this tree and a message of hope and comfort, with all in our community.

We created an Angel Tree page on our website, so that anyone who wishes to have the name of their loved one included on this page can participate. There is an opportunity to include a donation to the church for the Angel Tree, but it is not required. We invite everyone to stop by outside and view the tree. Please maintain safe distancing while you visit. Christmas for us is a time of hope and we pray that this tree brings you a sense of that hope, as well as of comfort as you honour and remember loved ones. We are apart but we are not alone.

Names of Remembrance

  • Geoff Wilkins – Remembered by Joan and family
  • Agnes Ellen Jenkin – Remembered by Herb Jenkin
  • Edith B. Zeggil – Remembered by Florence Ryan
  • Willem Georg Habig – Remembered by Mariki Bosman & Adri Rautenbach
  • Moira Wells – Remembered by Valerie Belcher
  • Don Garrett – Remembered by The Gibbard Family
  • Deon Human – Magdalene Terblanche
  • Rob Moll – The Byassee Family
  • Leonie  Taljaard – Rautenbach Family
  • Steve Rautenbach – Rautenbach Family
  • Nora Taljaard – Rautenbach Family
  • Adri Rautenbach (sister-in -law) – Rautenbach Family
  • Dollie Smit – Mariki Bosman
  • Dries Diamond – Mariki Bosman
  • Marina Habig – Mariki Bosman
  • Beulah & Matthew Hyrchuck – Remembered by the Rupert Family
  • Eleanor & John B Waugh – Remembered by the Rupert Family
  • Victor & Ellen Hampton – Remembered by the Hampton Family
  • Kerry Hampton – Remembered by the Hampton Family
  • Ray & Gladys Proc – Remembered by the Hampton Family
  • Peter John Webb – Remembered by Gloria Webb
  • Paul Massey – Remembered by the Rupert Family
  • Ron Waugh – Remembered by the Rupert Family
  • Susan Elton – Remembered by James and Les Elton
  • Phae Elton – Remembered by James and Les Elton
  • Louise Lightfoot – Remembered by Reg Lightfoot
  • Ruth Sinkler – Remembered by Joyce Robinson
  • Mary Myska – Remembered by Al & Joyce Robinson
  • Penny Dickson – Remembered by Kate Evans
  • Salma Nuraney – Remembered by Kate Evans
  • Neville Peach – Remembered by Kate Evans
  • Sharon Spencer – Remembered by Ann McBride
  • Lawrence Scott – Remembered by Duane Scott

The Angel Tree will continue to shine until the end of January 2021. Donations received in January of $25 or more will be part of 2021 tax receipts.

Adding a name to the angel tree