Annual Congregational Meeting

The meeting will commence shortly after 11:00 AM following the regular Sunday Service and is expected to be completed no later than noon. As we are now holding in-person services, the meeting will be held in the church Sanctuary, but those not attending in person will be able to participate remotely via videoconference (using Zoom), which is the approach we used at last year’s ACM. For those attending the service in person, there will be a brief (approx. 15 minutes) break following the service to allow for set-up.

Materials for Presentation
Materials that will be referenced at the ACM include the Agenda, Minutes from the prior ACM, Annual Report (committee reports), Nominations Slate, Annual Financial Statements, and Budget. These documents are all attached to this newsletter in pdf format, numbered in the sequence in which they will be presented. All materials will be projected / displayed on-line during the meeting and paper copies will not be distributed. If, however, you would like to have print copies, please contact the church office.

Registration for the ACM
If you are attending the meeting in-person, registration will be done via the sign-in process we’ve been following in recent weeks, since opening. If you’re attending remotely, we’re asking you to pre-register by emailing ([email protected]) or phoning (604-985-4911) the office up to the Friday (November 5) prior to the meeting. If you register by email, please indicate your level of experience / comfort using ZOOM (as High, Medium, Low or Nil). Also, please remember to include the names of everyone in your household who will be attending the meeting.

Joining the Meeting Remotely
Joining a ZOOM meeting is very straightforward, even for those who have not used ZOOM previously. A brief guide to accessing the meeting (“ZOOM Instructions”) is attached to this newsletter, and is a helpful reference, particularly for those who have not used ZOOM before. It is particularly important that participants allow a few minutes prior to the 11:00 am start to go through the set-up process (if first time users) and be brought into the meeting. The Zoom instructions include a phone number (Communications Advisor Mariki Bosman) to call if you experience difficulties and require assistance as you are joining.

Questions for the ACM
Given the dual approach to the ACM this year, we’re asking people who are participating remotely to submit any questions beforehand, if at all possible. Please submit your questions via email to Mariki Bosman ([email protected]).

ACM Conventions
Meeting on-line introduces the need for some unique ‘one-time’ conventions in the way that the meeting is conducted. These will be reviewed by the meeting Chair (Thomas Rautenbach) at the beginning of the meeting.


Nov 07 2021


Meeting will start after the Worship Service
11:00 am - 12:00 pm