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For many years, North Lonsdale United Church has had an angel tree lit in the lobby at Christmas time, along with a book where people can write the name of a loved one to be remembered.

Last year we also added an Angel Tree page to our website. To participate, please fill in the form above to have your loved one’s name added to the page of remembrance below. A donation is welcome, but not required.

Angel Tree List 2021

Colleen Goodrich                  Remembered by the Gibbard Family

Helen Bosman                       Remembered by The Bosman Family

Simon Bosman                      Remembered by The Bosman Family

Al (Alvin) Robinson                Remembered by Joyce Robinson and Family

Renata Winterhoff                 Remembered by Verna Buchanan

Tracy Wiebe                            Remembered by Hank and Jean Wiebe

Scott Wiebe                            Remembered by Hank and Jean Wiebe

Geoff Wilkins                          Remembered by Joan Wilkins

Hazel King                               Remembered by Hilary King

Ron & Jessie Smith                Remembered by Maria Den Hollander

Donald Garrett                      Remembered by Roxanne Watson

Betty Jofenig                          Remembered by Hank and Jean Wiebe

Edith B Zeggil                        Remembered by Flo Ryan

Barry Galbraith                     Remembered by his  church family