North Lonsdale Church had its beginning in 1913 when a small group, of people met in a little store on Lonsdale Ave. at King’s Rd., with George Hamilton a student minister conducting the services.


By 1915 a large church was built on East King Road, first called Bethel Methodist Church but the name was soon changed to North Lonsdale Methodist. A Sunday School was with Mr. E.T. Bailey as superintendent. At the time of organic union of the Presbyterian, Methodist and Congregational churches in 1925, this church became North Lonsdale United, its congregation augmented by those who transferred from St. Stephens Presbyterian. From 1914 to 1919, North Lonsdale was a joint pastoral charge with West Vancouver, from 1919 to 1934, with Lynn Valley, and from 1934 to 1957 with Capilano.

The King’s Road church was bare, with plain wooded chairs for the congregation and a little pump organ. There was a large kitchen at the rear with a stove on which the ladies prepared hearty congregational dinners. This room was used also for meetings, as a Sunday School classroom, and as a dressing-room at Christmas concert time. Until 1948 North Lonsdale Church, received financial assistance from the Board of Home Missions, but from that time it was self-supporting, the member’s salary and expenses of the manse being shared with Capilano.

By 1948 it became evident that the little church was no longer adequate, and in 1950 two lots were purchased at the corner of Lonsdale Ave. and Osborne Rd. A building which was to serve eventually as a Christian Education Centre, but was to be used .a church in the meantime, was erected largely by volunteer labour and was dedicated on December 13, 1953. The sanctuary furnished with dignity and good taste was truly appreciated, but it was soon realized that the building was not large enough, especially in view of the increasing Sunday School attendance. In 1956 a lot with house on it, adjoining the church property to the south was bought and Sunday School classes were held in the house as well as in the church building. In 1957 it was felt that the time had come for North Lonsdale Church to have a full-time member, and Rev. Hislop Dickson who had been member of the joint charge since 1946, was called to be our pastor. To meet our additional financial responsibilities, and to pay for the house and lot, a successful fund-raising drive was carried out under the chairmanship of Mr. T. D. Hammond.

A church building was begun early in 1958, adjoining the one already in use and extending from Osborne Rd. south to the lane. When the house had to be torn down to make way for the new building some Sunday School classes were held in a vacant store on Lonsdale Ave. The Wells organization supervised a fund-raising campaign in the fall of 1958. The church building was completed and dedicated on May 15, 1960. With its bright and attractive sanctuary, comfortably-furnished lounge and commodious auditorium and well- planned kitchens it is indeed a contrast to the first little North Lonsdale Church.

Rev. Dr. George Hamilton

1913-1914 – Student Minister

Rev. R. R. Morrison


Rev. Swan


Rev. N. Barlow


Rev. Manly F. Eby


Rev. R. Wilkinson


Rev. Milton Perley


Rev. John Archibold


Rev. Hislop Dickson


Rev. Benjamin Taylor


Rev. Charles G. Raymont


Rev. Clifford R. Henning


Rev. Brian Thorpe

1986-1987 Interim Minister

Rev. Dr. Donald L. Faris


Rev. Robin N. Jacobson